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Sacred Harp Singing School - 2 DVD set


Sacred Harp Singing School - DVD - $20.00 plus $2.50 shipping via USPS anywhere in the continental U.S. Shipping for additional copies is only $1.25.

For international orders please contact 205.414.0623 or email [email protected]

Teach Me Some Melodious Sonnet
Sacred Harp Singing School
Taught by Singing School Master Elder Hopper

Want to learn how to sing Sacred Harp ??

This is 18 easy to understand lessons with illustrations using 29 songs. You can watch all the lessons from beginning to end and then with the interactive menu you can go back to any lesson or illustration you want later to brush up or revisit the subject that was taught in that lesson.

Also available on VHS Tape for VCRs.